About CREA

Centre de Recherche et d’Études pour l’Alimentation (CREA) launched the slow-cooking revolution when it opened its doors in Paris more than two decades ago. Since then, we’ve trained many of the world’s most celebrated chefs. We’re changing the way the world cooks and the definition of fine dining.

Led by scientist and sous-vide pioneer Bruno Goussault, the faculty at CREA boasts decades of combined experience. In no small part because of its team, the school has positioned itself as the leading edge of a culinary movement.

  • Bruno Goussault, Chief Scientist

    Bruno Goussault is the Chief Scientist for Cuisine Solutions.  He has been working with Cuisine Solutions for over 20 years where he helped design and build six sous-vide manufacturing facilities in the US, France, Chile, Brazil, and Norway, as well as overseeing all of the scientific aspects of the company’s sous-vide cooking processes, methods and parameters. Goussault founded CREA (Centre de Recherche et d'Etudes pour l’Alimentation) in Paris in 1991 to train chefs around the world in precise temperature cooking. Goussault has trained many of the Michelin three star chefs in Europe and the top chefs in the U.S. on the application of sous-vide cooking.

    Bruno Goussault is often cited as the founder of sous-vide cooking. Developed in 1971, his focus has been on low temperature cooking, food safety, and industrial cooking applications. This work in sous-vide has led to changes in the way top chefs cook for their guests in restaurants, and the way food is prepared and served on planes, trains, ships, hotels and resorts, and convention centers around the world.  Prior to his work with Cuisine Solutions and CREA, Goussault worked in France in various senior scientific positions at the Société Scientifique d'Hygiène Alimentaire France for fifteen years and five years at the Société d’Etudes de Procédés pour les Industries Alimentaires.

    Goussault has published scientific articles, appeared on television, and presented at forums around the world.  He received the Ordre National du Mérite from the President of France in 1995. He has a PhD in Economics from the Universtiy of Paris Pantheon and post graduate degree from the d'Etudes et du Developpement Economique et Social (IEDES) and a MS degree in food technology from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires (ENSIAA), now (AgroParisTech).

  • Gerard Bertholon, CEO

    Gerard Bertholon has served as CREA’s CEO since 2008. He was trained in his native France by three master chefs, and while still young, served as executive chef in top American and French restaurants, including La Panetière in Rye, NY, which he helped earn three stars from The New York Times. As corporate chef and global vice president of sales for Cuisine Solutions, he formed Fiveleaf, a concept that brings some of the world’s greatest chefs into people’s homes. In 2012, Bertholon was named Maitre Cuisinier de France, one of the culinary world’s highest honors.

  • James Chen, Director

    James Chen leads CREA’s corporate vision. Since joining CREA in 2012, James has led the company’s rebranding, global expansion, and evolution into a full-service food consultancy and sought-after leader in the industry. Chen holds a degree in Management from the Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business and is currently pursuing his Master’s of Business Administration at Georgetown University, where he also serves as the VP of Community Affairs and Sustainability for the McDonough School of Business student government. He speaks both Mandarin and a rare Chinese dialect that hails from Qingtian County in Zhejiang.

  • Edgar Steele, Chef Instructor

    Edgar Steele graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2001. In 2003 Edgar met a team of chefs from Jose Andres’ restaurant group from Washington, DC, and was invited to join Andres’ company, ThinkFoodGroup. During 5 years, Edgar helped develop a creativity-focused culinary destination called the Minibar, a small bar sectioned inside of Café Atlantico. Edgar parted ways with ThinkFoodGroup in 2010 to join Cuisine Solutions. He worked in 7/27 business development and sales for four years. In 2015, Edgar was awarded the opportunity to train under Cuisine Solutions’chief scientist Bruno Goussault and join the team of CREA in the quest for discovering new aspects of cooking, pushing the boundaries of culinary evolution.

  • AJ Schaller, Chef Consultant

    AJ Schaller is a 2005 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She worked at Restaurant Daniel and Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Group for ten years, starting as an extern. After a series of promotions, she finished with the title Culinary Manager. The position included work on restaurant openings, testing recipes, cooking for events, producing cookbooks, food styling, and managing health department matters - including writing HACCP plans for Sous-Vide. In 2015, after a stint at Corkbuzz as Head Chef, she took the opportunity to work under Bruno Goussault as Culinary Specialist for CREA

  • Noor Siyal, Culinary Specialist

    Versatilty is Noor Siyal’s specialty, and he puts his passion for teaching and learning new techniques to work at CREA. Born in Pakistan, Noor grew up in Northern Virginia, and has been cooking for as long as he can remember. After attending the culinary school of Lethbridge Community College in Alberta, Canada, his diverse career started in 2002 with an externship at Centini Restaurant, followed by a line cook position at Land O’Lake, after which he became a Sous Chef at Western Golf Properties, finally earning his title of Executive Chef at Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club in Gainesville, VA. He became a part of the Cuisine Solutions team in April 2016 before joining the CREA family. Noor likes spending time with family and cooking at home. He is also fluent in Urdu.

  • Chloe Luong, Engineer

    Born in Paris, Luong received her French high school diploma in science and went on to earn a three-year university degree in biochemistry. Afterwards, she joined the engineering school Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISA) in Lille and graduated in 2007. She was recruited to CREA in 2008 and now works as an engineer consultant, training chefs in sous-vide, developing and researching products and perfecting food safety techniques.

  • Marie-Charlotte Duval, Training Coordinator

    Marie-Charlotte Duval was born in Toulouse and has been extremely passionate in her work in the gastronomy field. After a Masters degree in marketing, communication and sales strategy in Bordeaux, she joined L'atelier des Chefs for three years, to develop their customer base at the establishment of the 15th of Paris. She joined CREA in May of 2014 and will be the main contact for the organization of our training services in France.

  • Sylvie Porphire, QA Consultant

    As vice president for quality assurance at Cuisine Solutions, Sylvie Porphire leads food quality and safety programs for the company’s American, Chilean and French processing facilities. Prior to joining Cuisine Solutions 13 years ago, she worked for Nestlé France, studying the physiochemical characteristics of cocoa products. Porphire has a M.S. in food science from the National Engineering School of Agronomy and Food Industries in France. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Bruno Bertin, Chef

    A native of France, Bruno Bertin was an instructor at Le Cordon Bleu in Japan. In addition to teaching courses at CREA, Bertin currently serves as executive chef for Cuisine Solutions, where he researches and develops sous-vide recipes. Bertin formerly was Sous Chef at Restaurant Daniel in New York and Executive Chef at Daniel’s Feast and Fetes Catering.