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We teach chefs how to make the best cooking better. Enroll and master the art and science of sous-vide in one of three ways: online coursesoff-site courses at CREA Paris and cities throughout the world, or on-site training at your own restaurant. In addition, the CREA Test Kitchen in Sterling, VA, is available for companies to rent (at $4,500/day) for their own product demos or other culinary activities.


Attend a multi-day sous-vide seminar in locations throughout the world.

Expand your culinary repertoire by incorporating science into your cooking. Attend one of our seminars at CREA Paris or various worldwide locations, and get hands-on experience and theoretical instruction in the sous-vide cooking technique. Our seminars are geared toward professional chefs and we supply all equipment and materials. By the end of the seminar, you’ll have experience using the sous-vide method to cook meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, fruits, vegetables, sauces, herbs and aromatics, and be well versed in the best practices for maintaining food safety.

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PLEASE NOTE: Only still photos are allowed during the class. No video or audio devices are allowed during the class. This means no iPads or other tablet devices, Smartphones, cell phones. voice recorders or cameras of any kind.

Upcoming Courses Dates & Locations

If you’re interested in one of the upcoming courses below, please fill out the form at right to reserve your spot now. Space is limited.

Date Price Location Description Availability
Washington D.C.
United States
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16 Hour Virtual Training for HACCP. Certified by the International HACCP Alliance Open
€2,600.00 HT CREA France
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5-Day Sous-Vide Complete Course. Open