Obtain fish and shellfish’s best texture.

Sous-vide is especially well suited for cooking fish and shellfish. Precision temperature helps ensure that these delicate proteins are cooked to a state where they are flaky, but not falling apart. And certain types of fish, including salmon, achieve a desirable texture during the cooking process that’s unique to sous-vide. 

In this online course, Bruno Goussault discusses:

•Microbiological changes to fish during the cooking process
•Preparation and vacuum sealing
•Best time-temperature combinations for cooking different types of fish
•Cooling process

Ideal for:

Chefs with some prior sous-vide training

Some of the equipment below can be purchased through CREA. Contact us for more information.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Vacuum sealer
  • Food-grade sous-vide bags
  • Temperature probes
  • Thermometer(s)
  • Rubber foams
  • Circulator tank

About The Instructor

Bruno Goussault, Chief Scientist

Bruno Goussault is the Chief Scientist for Cuisine Solutions.  He has been working with Cuisine Solutions for over 20 years where he helped design and build six sous vide manufacturing facilities in the US, France, Chile, Brazil, and Norway, as well as overseeing all of ... read more.