Cook meat and poultry evenly every time.

Proteins, and specifically meat and poultry, undergo their own unique set of microbiological processes during cooking. While traditional preparation leaves only a narrow portion of a piece of meat cooked perfectly, the sous-vide method results in uniform doneness. 

 This online video course taught by Bruno Goussault addresses:

•Effects of heat on the functional properties of meat
•Changes to temperature, color, moisture content and tenderness
•Obtaining the Maillard reaction with searing
•Proper time and temperatures for cooking meat and poultry
•Cooling process  

Ideal for:

Chefs with some prior sous-vide training 

Some of the equipment below can be purchased through CREA. Contact us for more information.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Vacuum sealer
  • Food-grade sous-vide bags
  • Temperature probes
  • Thermometer(s)
  • Rubber foams
  • Immersion circulators
  • Circulator tank

About The Instructor

Bruno Goussault, Chief Scientist

Bruno Goussault is the Chief Scientist for Cuisine Solutions.  He has been working with Cuisine Solutions for over 20 years where he helped design and build six sous vide manufacturing facilities in the US, France, Chile, Brazil, and Norway, as well as overseeing all of ... read more.