Learn the science and safety behind the technique.

While traditional cooking leaves food overdone toward the outside, with a sliver of perfectly cooked interior, sous-vide cooks it evenly throughout. The water bath is kept at a constant temperature equal to the food’s perfect doneness, making it impossible to overcook and resulting in more succulent and flavorful food. Because of the unique set of food safety benefits and challenges, it’s best to learn the technique formally.

In this online cooking class, Bruno Goussault covers:

•Sous-vide scientific theory
•How to find the right equipment
•Preparation, vacuum sealing, storage, searing and chilling
•Proper cooking temperatures for different types of food

Some of the equipment below can be purchased through CREA. Contact us for more information.

This program is approved for 6 continuing education hours toward the initial or recertification application for ACF certification. Note: These programs are not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with ACF or the ACF Certification Program.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Circulator tank
  • Vaccum machine
  • Pouches for sous vide cooking
  • Thermometer and probe
  • Gastronorm container
  • Foam seal

About The Instructor

Bruno Goussault, Chief Scientist

Bruno Goussault is the Chief Scientist for Cuisine Solutions.  He has been working with Cuisine Solutions for over 20 years where he helped design and build six sous vide manufacturing facilities in the US, France, Chile, Brazil, and Norway, as well as overseeing all of ... read more.